Fixed Wireless Access Snapshot June 2020


Over half of all LTE operatorshave launched a FWA service

415 operators in 166 countries/territories have launched either LTE or 5G 3GPP-compliant FWA services

As of June 2020 GSA’s NTS database showed:

There are 426 operators investing in LTE broadband fixed wireless access (FWA) services, 405 of which have launched services. (An extra 113 operators have been identified as offering mobile broadband services using MiFi devices or dongles only).

In addition, 83 operators have been identified as investing in 5G FWA services, including 33 that have launched services and 6 that have launched limited availability services across 24 countries.

931 LTE FWA devices available from 88 vendors

84 announced 5G FWA devices from 53 vendors

As of June 2020 GSA’s GAMBoD database showed:

931 available LTE fixed wireless access (FWA) devices, including indoor and outdoor CPE and enterprise grade CPE/routers/gateways from 88 vendors.

After phones, the most prevalent category of 5G device is the FWA CPE form factor. The number of announced devices has grown reach 84 devices. Eighteen of these have been identified as commercially available.

This report is compiled from data stored in the GSA Analyser for Mobile Broadband Devices/Data (GAMBoD) database.

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