MIND TECH , Your Reliable Partner

Mind Tech established in 2008, A Leading Provider of Next-Gen Cloud Switch Solutions and Optical, Wireless Access .

Mind Tech is a leading innovator in manufacturing , development of Optical Transceivers, Fixed Wireless Access(4G, 5G CPE), GPON solutions and cloud network switches for over 10 years.   Equipped with professional R&D team, Mind Tech pursuits relentlessly better optical&electrical, wireless performance, lower power consumption , competitive product solution, meanwhile high-efficient producing and strict QC system bring high-quality and high-reliability products.

As a provider of next-generation cloud network infrastructure solutions, mind tech redefines cloud computing network architecture for users with leading Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions, working with our partners to deliver the promise of Re-Engineering the Cloud Networks. Based on our proprietary technology, highly software-defined architectures, open and transparent operating systems, and hardware platforms that break through traditional limitations, Mind Tech provides users of cloud computing with a truly elastic and high-performance virtual network, administrators with clean, open interfaces and automated deployment and scheduling, and developers with programmable and visible environments.